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Understanding the Kingdom – Part 13

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Understanding the Kingdom – Part 13 | Biblical Life TV

BLTV_logoIn this episode Dr. Lake examines the tendencies of the World’s System compared to biblical Egypt.  He also examines each of the ten plagues that God released on Egypt and how each of them was an attack on the Egyptian gods.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob proved that He was the only true God and was more than able to deliver His people.

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Understanding the Kingdom – Part 12

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Understanding the Kingdom – Part 12

Biblical Life TV

BLTV_logoIn this powerful season, Dr. Lake examines several concepts:  (1)  Egypt is a biblical type and shadow of the world system.  (2)  We also look at the difference between Egypt and Babylon spiritual and prophetically.  (3)  Finally, how Moses is the perfect Old Testament type and shadow of Messiah and how perplexed he is about how modern believers distain Moses.  It is time to return to a biblical balance in our walk and theologies!

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Understanding the Kingdom – Part 11

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Understanding the Kingdom – Part 11

Biblical Life TV

BLTV_logoDr. Lake continues this important series on Understanding the Kingdom. In this episode, this study takes him to a pivotal biblical figure: Abraham. The apostle Paul, in his writings, considered Abraham central figure in understanding the miracle of Gentiles coming into the faith through the completed work of Messiah. In Romans 4:12, Paul states that all true believers are those “who also walk in the steps of that faith of our father Abraham.” Yet few have asked the question, “What are Abrahams steps of faith that I should follow?” The answer, and its relationship to Babylon, may surprise you. Yet, as the judgment of God approaches America and the world, this question must be answered and embraced by the Remnant today!

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Understanding The Kingdom–Part 6

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Iniquity Blooms in the Heart of Cain

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 6

Biblical Life TV

In this episode, we examine many of the spiritual dynamics of the story of Cain and Abel:  from the connection of giftings to our purpose on Planet Earth to the symptomatology of the nature of iniquity in the heart of Cain and its consequences. 

Dr. Michael K. Lake

Understanding the Kingdom 3–Biblical Life TV

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Getting Deeper into the Mystery of Genesis 3

Understanding the Kingdom – Part 3

Biblical Life TV

There was more going on in the Garden of Eden that meets the eye. Adam was called to serve God in the Garden and to be a Watchman. The serpent was more than just a snake, it was the Nachash who came to promise mankind enlightenment and godhood, but separated them from the Kingdom and fooled them into partaking of Lucifer’s nature — iniquity. Allow the Holy Spirit to open your eyes, both to the nature of our warfare, and to the realities of the Kingdom!

Dr. Michael K. Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary and the author of the best-seller, The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition.

Biblical Life TV–On Demand Teachings from the Word of God

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