Remnant Boot Camp Part 9

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Biblical Life TV Ep 9 – Remnant Boot Camp Part 9.  There is a ideological war coming.  The Spirit of Antichrist will embed a disbelief that Jesus of Nazareth is Messiah, an aversion to keeping God’s commandments, and a hatred for both Christians and the Jewish people within the world’s system.  God is empowering the Remnant to stand against these satanic tsunamis.  We will also learn to keep ourselves free from occult/satanic influence and to learn to walk in a new level of victory!  Sponsored by Biblical Life Assembly.  (

Learn to Walk in a New Level of Victory!


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Remnant Boot Camp Part 8

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In this session, we continue our discussion of Fellowship – Overcoming – Changing the World.  We need to have faith in and partner with the Greater One within us, and to develop a deep confidence in God’s love.   Only then will we have the boldness we need to stand and function within God’s Kingdom and His Commandments.  Confidence, boldness, and obedience opens the doors to dynamically answered prayer!

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Biblical Life TV: Remnant Boot Camp Part 3

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BLTV-EP3:  Remnant Boot Camp Part 3

John tells us that he wrote 1 John so that we would not sin.  John provides strong spiritual medicine for the Church today regarding sin and the commandments of God.  He shows us the gateway to moving toward a matured love for God in our lives.  

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