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KIB 51 – An Interview with Dr. John Garr

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KIB 51 – An Interview with Dr. John Garr
Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Podcast

podcast_logo_2In this episode, Dr. Lake interviews scholar, prolific author, and Biblical Life Alumnus, Dr. John Garr. Dr. Garr is the author of over 14 books that bring scholarship and balance to the understanding of our Hebraic Heritage. This life-filled discuss surrounds two of Dr. Garr’s newest books: Family Worship: Turning Your Home into a House of God, and Christian Fruit – Jewish Roots. Dr. Lake believes that both of these books have a prophetic significance touching on the needs on the Body of Messiah in our day!

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Family Worship offers solid solutions to the increasingly dysfunctional family in today’s secularized society, and it provides constructive suggestions to those who want to reestablish their homes on biblical foundations.

The Hebraic foundations of the Christian faith establish the home as a small temple. This insight dramatically changes the dynamics of the home for those who believe in the God of the Bible and in his will for their lives.

The Christian family was always designed by God to be the center for social, educational, and spiritual growth and maturity—a place of fellowship, study, and prayer. Now, you, too, can experience these same powerful dynamics that made the home the center of sanctity and security that is was for the biblical peoples.

Family Worship presents these vivid images of a rich biblically Hebraic tradition for Christians today:

  • The Domestic Temple
  • The Domestic Church
  • Temple of Blessing
  • House of Prayer
  • The Family Altar
  • The Domestic Priesthood
  • Temples in Time
  • A House of Study

As you read this book, you’ll be amazed at how your own family life will be revolutionized and enriched simply by restoring biblically Hebraic dynamics to your home.

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Christian Fruit–Jewish Root is an in-depth, scholarly examination of the Hebraic foundations of the major tenets and practices of Christianity. This volume confirms the truth that the inherent Jewishness of the Christian faith is simply an undeniable historical and theological fact. By evaluating Christian doctrine and polity through the Jewish mindset of Jesus and the apostles, this book uncovers a veritable treasure of Hebraic truth.

For every authentic Christian fruit, there is a Jewish root! See this truth demonstrated across a wide spectrum of theological truth, including: Christianity owes a profound debt of gratitude to the Jewish people and to biblical and Second Temple Judaism for the foundations of the truths and practices that it holds dear. As you read this challenging, informative, and inspirational book, you will be amazed at just how Jewish Christianity, the “other Jewish religion,” actually is!

Christianity owes a profound debt of gratitude to the Jewish people and to biblical and Second Temple Judaism for the foundations of the truths and practices that it holds dear. As you read this challenging, informative, and inspirational book, you  will be amazed at just how Jewish Christianity, the “other Jewish religion,” actually is!

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The Coming Shaking–Part 4

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The Coming Shaking – Part 4:  We will discover that believers have a more narrow road to walk with Messiah than Israel did in the Old Testament.  This is counter to the current teachings of today that state that grace gives us such a wide road to walk.  In actually, grace has brought us to Mount Zion.  We can hear the voice of God more clearly and be empowered by His Spirit to walk more like Jesus.  Finally, we are warned not to refuse the voice of God.  Rather we must serve Him with reverential fear – for our God is a consuming fire.  It is time to learn to walk in the Kingdom that cannot be shaken!

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Powerful Prophetic Word for 2014-2015

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Repair | Rebuild | Expand – Biblical Life TV

God is speaking an express prophetic word during the Fall Feasts this year:  Repair – Rebuild – Expand.  This prophetic word will challenge and empower you for what God is starting this Fall and will do throughout 2015!

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The Power of Remembering!

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Spiritual Warfare Game-Changer!

One of the tactics of the enemy is to cause us to forget who we have become in Christ, while continually reminding us who we were before Christ.  It is human nature to gravitate toward what we are focusing on.  There is power in remembering both what God has done for us and in remembering who we have become in Him.  This message will give you the tools you need to overcome the spiritual haze the enemy has placed over your life, and allow you to start moving forward again!

Host:  Dr. Michael K. Lake, Chancellor of Biblical Life College and Seminary  (http://www.biblical-life.com)

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Remnant Boot Camp–Part 10

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The conclusion of the Remnant Boot Camp Series


Biblical Life TV Ep. 10.  In the final part of the Remnant Boot Camp Series

, Dr. Lake examines the scripture in First John is which the Apostle John speaks of the "sin unto death."  He examines both the formation of Calvinism,  Arminianism, and the hybrid theology of using both that was developed by D.L. Moody.  He finally brings balance by setting the scripture back into its Hebraic concept.  He also examines the three witnesses in Heaven and Earth.

Dr. Michael K. Lake is the Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary and the Pastor of Biblical Life Assembly.

Overcoming as End-Times Prophecy Unfolds – Part 4.

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Overcoming as End-Times Prophecy Unfolds – Part 4. 

In this episode, we will be concluding the seminar we taped in New York City.  It is imperative for each believer to wake up from slumber and to being moving in the Kingdom once again.

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Remnant Boot Camp Part 8

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In this session, we continue our discussion of Fellowship – Overcoming – Changing the World.  We need to have faith in and partner with the Greater One within us, and to develop a deep confidence in God’s love.   Only then will we have the boldness we need to stand and function within God’s Kingdom and His Commandments.  Confidence, boldness, and obedience opens the doors to dynamically answered prayer!

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Biblical Life TV–Remnant Boot Camp Part 6

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Remnant Boot Camp – Part 6

Biblical Life TV – BLTV-EP6

In this episode we examine John’s use of the term "Antichrist," and how there are many "antichrists" in the world.   An overview is given of both Nimrod and the Babylonian system he created.

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Biblical Life TV: Remnant Boot Camp Part 3

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BLTV-EP3:  Remnant Boot Camp Part 3

John tells us that he wrote 1 John so that we would not sin.  John provides strong spiritual medicine for the Church today regarding sin and the commandments of God.  He shows us the gateway to moving toward a matured love for God in our lives.  

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Eating God’s Way – Part 1

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This month we are posting Session 1 of Dr. Lake’s new series on “Eating God’s Way.” Eating God’s Way provides an honest and detailed hermeneutical examination of everything God’s Word says about what we eat and how it affects us spiritually and physically. Learn the truth of God’s Wisdom and let it set your spiritual and physical health free!