Spiritual Promotion

Protocols for Spiritual Promotion

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promotionVery few today understand the principles of spiritual promotion in the Kingdom of God.  In this week’s lesson, Dr. Lake takes a detailed look at the protocols that Jesus used to promotion the 70 to higher lines of authority in the Kingdom.  Learn how these protocols can be replicated in your life

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Looking Forward to Tomorrow’s Sabbath Service

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The Men’s Yeshiva on Wednesday nights are getting so good that we went almost twenty minutes over and no one realized it! I love when God’s people start digging in the Word. Fresh manna is always to follow.

About an hour after we finished up, we got a wonderful visit from Dr. Coke and another family traveling with him. They were helping move into the area. Really enjoyed the fellowship.

Tomorrow I will be continuing the series “The Power of Walking with God” and will teach on “Protocols for Promotion.” It seems like everyone is talking about receiving spiritual promotions, but few dig into the Word to find the key to receiving them.

Blessings to all and may the Shalom of Messiah fill your hearts and homes!

Dr. Michael K. Lake

Biblical Life Assembly