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New Book Will Be Ready for Publication within 30 Days

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Raisin4webOver the past week, the Holy Spirit has been releasing an anointing to write that I have never experienced before!  I began writing my new book “Eating God’s Way: God’s Instruction for Spiritual and Physical Health.”  The chapters began flowing out of me like a river.  In fact, I am already at the half way point in writing.  I will need to spend some time verifying the various references and in proofreading, but we hope to have it to the publishers before December 15.

This new book with provide a hermeneutical analysis of virtual very scripture in the Word of God dealing with dietary instruction as well as an honest look at the practices of the Early Church – especially the Gentiles.  We will also look at the wisdom of God’s Word from a naturopathic point of view.  It is amazing to find that God’s Word (the Torah) even warns us about genetically modified foods (GMO’s).

We hope to have a shipment of this new book in our offices by the end of December.  It will be available online at our web store and through Amazon.Com by then as well.