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Dr. Lake Returns to the Hagmann and Hagmann Report Tonight!

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Dr. Lake Returns to the Hagmann and Hagmann Show Tonight

lake_shinarLook carefully at the headlines of today. What do you see? Are you among the majority who see random chaos stemming from gross incompetence, or does something within you stir your senses and intellect enough to question the current trajectory of world events? If it’s the latter, then you must tune in to The Hagmann & Hagmann Report tonight, Wednesday, June 10, 2015 as Dr. Michael Lake appears as our guest.

Along with Thomas Horn, Dr. Michael Lake is the author of The Shinar Directive, Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition’s Return. Dr. Lake holds doctorates in theology and religious education, and he is the chancellor and founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary. Dr. Lake has spent years using his research skills toward understanding the occult, their hidden governance of the nations, their tactics for manipulating and controlling the Church, the reality of mind control, and The Shinar Directive. More importantly, he discovered ancient Hebraic wisdom in the Word of God that can be utilized to discover and neutralize the occultists’ tacit influence in the lives of believers today.

Dr. Lake explains that the Luciferian Elite now control three key circles of influence in the world: the financial, political, and religious venues. Today, we see economic harbingers that indicate we are about to experience an economic reset to such an extent that a one world financial order will likely be implemented. A one world economic system is a vital and required component of the much desired New World Order, the Communist utopian agenda of the Luciferian Elite. Additionally, we see the Christian church being changed to accommodate a level of heresy not seen in modern times. The entirety of the Luciferian agenda is being propelled and ushered into its current and final phase or iteration through plans drafted millennia ago – before and leading up to the days of Noah.

On tonight’s program, Dr. Lake will explain the present-day relevance of The Shinar Directive, Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition’s Return and how we are seeing the way being made for the “Son of Perdition.”


Live: Wednesday, June 10, 2015 8:00-11:00 PM ET


Mary’s Interview on the Edge with Daniel Ott

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Last night, Mary was on the radio show “The Edge” with Daniel Ott discussing her book, “What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know.” 



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Leadership Conference 2014 in Atlanta January 8 – 12

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Come and Join Me in Atlanta

This next weekend I will be in Atlanta for the the Light of the World’s Annual Leadership Conference. Come expecting a powerful word from God and a fresh anointing from the Holy Spirit to subdue 2014 and to bring it under your feet for the Kingdom of God!

Dr. Michael K. Lake

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Hungry for True Spiritual Transformation?

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Are You Hungry for True Spiritual Transformation?


Covenant Faith: The Transforming Power of Walking with God


Covenant_Faith_Course_webIn a church world filled with sound bites, shallow cliques, and superficial programs, our hearts long for more.  We don’t need another program, we need the transformational power of God active in our lives!  Covenant Faith is about discovering the power of covenant with Almighty God, allowing Him to truly become El Shaddai in our lives, and to be transformed by His presence, power, and purpose as we walk with Him in truth.

Our example from Scripture is the life of Abram.  God lead him out of Babylon, made a covenant with him, and transformed him into Abraham through a journey orchestrated by God Himself.  Through Messiah, that journey is available for us as well!

Dr. Lake is making available the Covenant Faith Study Guide and MP3 lectures at a 20% discount.  This study packet includes 16 MP3 lectures (over 16 hours of teaching) and a 90 page, professionally published study guide (full 8 1/2 x 11).  This study packet is normally $110.00.  During the month of October it is available for only $88.00.  The Discount Code is:  CF-2013.

This powerful series is available not only to BLCS students, but anyone that hungers for transformation and a deeper walk with God.  Use this powerful series during your weekly bible studies, in home fellowships, or personal devotional times.  See for yourself what God can do in your life when you understand covenant and the transformational power that only resides in the journey of walking with God.

This on-line promotion ends October 31, 2013.

Purchase Your Set Today!

Another Biblical Leap Year This Year

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Looks like again this year we will have another month added to the Biblical Hebraic Calendar.  Here is a report from Israel:

Surprise Leap Year?

The Aviv Search this Thursday and Friday (March 22-23) looks like it is going to be a hair-raising cliffhanger. I was assuming it would be easy to find Aviv barley during this year’s search. Last year was a Hebrew leap year and it is extremely rare to have two of these in a row. However, this past winter has been very wet and cold on Israeli standards and this may be causing the barley to ripen later. A preliminary exam of the barley two weeks ago showed it was very young in its maturation cycle meaning a second leap year is looking more and more possible. We won’t know for sure until we examine the barley later this week at the end of the Twelfth Biblical month. If we don’t find Aviv barley it will mean that the Feast of Unleavened Bread won’t begin until sunset May 6 (instead of sunset April 6). This year’s search has been made more difficult by Arab terrorists indiscriminately firing rockets at Israeli civilian targets. One of the areas know from past experience to ripen ! earliest is "Kassam Alley," the strip of land surrounding the Palestinian-occupied Gaza Strip.

We will keep you posted.

Biblical Life Graduates Publish Books

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Both Children’s and Theological Books

Chad an Roma are both graduates of Biblical Life College and Seminary.  Chad has published his Masters’ thesis entitled “Restoring Biblical Foundation” through Biblical Life Publishing.  Roma has self-published two children’s books from a Messianic perspective.

Take the time to check out their books at


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Biblical Life Status Report for October 2011

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Assembly | College and Seminary | Publishing

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adult_levelRE: Biblical Life Status Report – October 2011

Dear Students, Graduates, and Friends:

Greetings in the blessed and powerful name of Jesus (Yeshua)! I pray this update finds you in the blessing of the LORD and will the height of the shalom of God continually abiding in your homes!

Most of your know that the past few years we have been expanding the vision and reach of Biblical Life far beyond the college and seminary. The combined efforts allow us to produce a continual stream of teachings in MP3 audio, video (DVD), and written formats. All of these new outreaches are well beyond the scope and financial support of BLCS. Your gifts to Biblical Life have made all the difference! Look at what we have done together in the past 12 months:

· Partial Scholarships to BLCS: Over $15,000.00 (Note: For every individual we help, there are at least 12 that we cannot. Lately, we have been averaging one request per day for a full scholarship by individuals outside the U.S.)

· MP3 & DVD Sets: We have given away over 1,000 MP3 and DVD sets to individuals hungry for more of God and His Word.

· MP3 Downloads: Over 120,000 downloaded messages in MP3 from individuals around the world. All are being introduced to the Biblical Life difference of Spirit-Filled teaching with the balance of our Hebraic heritage.

· Purchased Equipment: Two new computers and updated wireless audio system for video recording. ($3,000.00)

· Books: We have given away over 500 books and study guides to those hungry for more of God and His Word.

What is amazing to me is how we got all of that accomplished with the funds we had. God was literally multiplying the gifts given to make them go further than was humanly possible! I always stand amazed at how much we are able to accomplish and give away with our limited staff and financial resources. It seems to me that God wants to get what He has placed within our hearts to His Body!

Here are some plans and needs for the next 12 months:


· Videotaping: We would like to step up our videotaping to all messages at Biblical Life. This is an undertaking that should not be considered lightly. To prepare a message in MP3 for audio download takes about 15 minutes to prepare and publish. With videotaping, it takes one to two days in editing and rendering to prepare and publish. If we do not have to worry about creating finances in other areas of the ministry, it will free up more time to produce videos.

· Video Streaming: We would also love to be able to video stream live services from our sanctuary. There are so many that do not attend local congregations that the video streaming would become their service at home. Such a project would cost about $10,000 in new equipment. We are still looking into the fees associated with streaming the video live over the internet with unlimited viewer.

· New Books: I have been outlining several new books. Writing books is much like video editing: if the free time is available, the work can be done.

· Yeshivas via Skype: These yeshivas will be by invitation and we are working out the logistics on improving them and increasing their availability. We just need to understand the technology better and find (and overcome) its limits.

· Increased Articles: Our goal is to release 24 new articles in the next 12 months that empower, encourage, and inform the Body of Christ.


With all the projects we have completed in the past 12 months, as well as all the giving we have done, we need to retire some debts, restock supplies, and prepare for the future.

· Restocking Our Shelves: We need to restock bulk supplies for the production of CDs and DVDs. This includes blank CDs, DVD, labels, albums, sleeve covers, toner for our color printers/copier, etc. $7,000.00.

· Equipment/Programs: We still have one small computer that we need to retire the debt on and several graphics/video editing programs that we need to update to improve the presentation and quality of our DVDs (and uploaded YouTube videos). ($3,000.00)

· Stage Setting: We would like to get rid of the blank blue wall behind the pulpit for our videos. Redesign and updating – $500.00 (?)

· Reoccurring Monthly Fees for all Internet and Webhosting Services: $250.00 (five websites, shopping cart, and newsletter email service).

· Partial Scholarships: We would love to see a slush funds made available to be able to increase the partial scholarships we give to BLCS. These funds cannot come from our general tuitions received as our tuition is set just slightly above cost.

· Your Prayers: With the limited resources that we have (in both finances and staff), we are wanting to increase our output to meet the needs in the Body of Christ. This means a lot of personal things will be set aside to make room for what needs to be accomplished. It means longer hours for my family, the need for more focus, greater productivity, and strength. Your prayers can make the difference!

· Be Bold and Share Biblical Life with Others: Word of mouth (i.e. testimony) is one of the best ways to share about all faucets of Biblical Life: from the college and seminary to the free MP3 teachings and videos on YouTube. It is my heart’s desire for all of these resources we are teaming together to produce to reach as many people as possible. Share them on Facebook, Twitter, and G+. Mention them with links on your own websites and BLOGS. Share our websites with those you meet that are hungry for more of God and His Word.

Free Resources Available Now on the Internet

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Covenant Faith MP3 – 16 Complete Sessions: Available on the BLA Series Download Page –

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Giving to the Continued Ministry of Biblical Life

1. You can give by mailing in your love gift to our offices. Make your love gift payable to: Biblical Life.

2. Use our online giving at . Use whatever combination to equal the amount you a lead to give.

No Men’s or Women’s Group This Week

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laptopjetDr. Lake will be traveling to Little Rock, AR to attend the Accrediting Commission International’s annual conference for Christian educators from around the world.  On Friday, he will be giving a seminar on “Using Digital and On-Demand Printing in Education and Ministry.”  Please keep this trip and his lecture in your prayers.

We will also be celebrating Purim this coming Sabbath.  Purim is a time to remember that no matter what the enemy has planned, God can make a way of escape, and to bring judgment on the enemies of God!

New Book Will Be Ready for Publication within 30 Days

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Raisin4webOver the past week, the Holy Spirit has been releasing an anointing to write that I have never experienced before!  I began writing my new book “Eating God’s Way: God’s Instruction for Spiritual and Physical Health.”  The chapters began flowing out of me like a river.  In fact, I am already at the half way point in writing.  I will need to spend some time verifying the various references and in proofreading, but we hope to have it to the publishers before December 15.

This new book with provide a hermeneutical analysis of virtual very scripture in the Word of God dealing with dietary instruction as well as an honest look at the practices of the Early Church – especially the Gentiles.  We will also look at the wisdom of God’s Word from a naturopathic point of view.  It is amazing to find that God’s Word (the Torah) even warns us about genetically modified foods (GMO’s).

We hope to have a shipment of this new book in our offices by the end of December.  It will be available online at our web store and through Amazon.Com by then as well.

New Avenues of Ministry Are Opening

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drlake-teachingIn a recent meeting with Dr. Tom Horn of the Raiders News Network, we were informed about a new technology that will become available in 2011. This new technology is true Internet TV that makes all programming “on-demand” will flourish next year. Unlike traditional TV, you will be able search for a show or video (like you do now on YouTube), and stream it to your TV. We are preparing to take advantage of this development and hope to have a “Biblical Life” channel available by the end of 2011 that will include courses and special seminars for the Christian community worldwide.

We are also investing in “green screen” technology that will allow us to have a more professional video presence in our productions. We are also hoping to film Yeshivas (biblical discussion groups) on various topics with professors and special guests for future video distribution. Needless to say, we are excited about all the possibilities this new technology will bring for the teaching of God’s principles for a biblical life.