Censorship and Other Strange Things

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Censorship and Other Weird Things

There are reports all over the Internet in which not only are alternative news agencies being censored but so are Christian ministries.  There are other weird things happening as well.  Our friend, Shelia Zilinski, at Weekend Vigilante, suddenly lost 80% of her followers on Twitter (which were in the tens of thousands).  We noticed this week that our subscriptions to KIB dropped from over 7,700 to around 4,400 overnight.  So, if you are not receiving notices of our posts, this is most likely the reason.  We are currently working on a fix for this situation.

We have also heard reports of ministries’ channels being dropped off of YouTube without explanation.  Although we have had no problems with YouTube, we have also set up an account with Vimeo and have started uploading our newer videos to there as well.  You can find the Vimeo channel at http://www.vimeo.com/biblicallifetv




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