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Biblical Holidays for 2009

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Purim:  Starts at sunset on March 9 and end at sunset on March 10.

Passover: Starts right before sunset on April 8.

Feast of Unleavened Bread: Starts at sunset on April 8. (April 9 a High Sabbath).

Shavuot (Pentecost): Starts at sunset May 28 and ends at sunset on May 29.  (High Sabbath).

Feast of Trumpets: Starts at sunset on September 18 and ends at sunset on September 19. (High Sabbath).

Day of Atonement:  Starts at sunset on September 27 and ends at sunset on September 28.  (Day of Fasting and Prayer – High Sabbath)

Feast of Tabernacles:  Starts at sunset on October 2.

Last Great Day of Feast: Starts at sunset on September 10.


Other days to be aware of and to pray about:

Tisha B’Av:  Starts at sunset on July 29 and runs through sunset on July 31.  A time of watchful prayer.


New Series to Begin This Week

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We have just completed a twelve part series on “Foundations of Biblical Prosperity.”  This powerful series is available for download free at our website.  Series Achieve

Since we are approaching Pentecost, we will begin a new series this weekend on “Partnering with the Holy Spirit for Days Like These.” 

Remaining Feast Days for 2008

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Remaining Feast Days This Year

Feast of Trumpets

  • Begins at sunset on September 29.

Day of Atonement

  • Begins at sunset on October 8. Complete fast day.

Feast of Trumpets

  • Begins at sunset on October 13. We will have our Tabernacles celebration during our services on the 18th.

Last Great Day (Final Day of Tabernacles)

  • Begins at sunset on October 20.

Festival of Lights (Hanukkah)

  • Begins at sunset on December 21.

No KAW2 Class on 09/17

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No KAW2 Class This Week


The Kingdom Authority and Warfare 2 class will not be held on September 17. Dr. Lake is preparing for his ministry trip to New York. Classes will start again next week.

New Church BLOG Established

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New Church BLOG Established


To better serve our congregation and those that download our teachings internationally, we are establishing this new BLOG through WordPress. This allows for us to post information directly from MS Word, which is a real time saver.