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New Mentor’s Tips Video Released for Download

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Last month, we released a special downloadable video of Dr. Lake teaching prophetically what God is doing in the Body of Christ in 2010.  This month he is building on that foundation with a message entitled “The Power of Being Willing and Obedient.”  Dr. Lake unlocks hidden truths in the Hebrew language that will open a door from Heaven for new strength and a fresh anointing to hear God’s voice.  We have received so many wonderful comments about last month’s teaching being made available on video that we had done the same thing this month.

Use the link below to go to the Mentor’s Tips page of our website and follow the directions to download this powerful video and see the power of God released in your life!


Biblical Life Mentor’s Tips Page


BLA Update and Prayer Request

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1. Thank You for Your Prayers

This past weekend we had an emergency in our family. One of my daughters, Jennifer, almost died from complications caused by a gastric-bypass surgery she had several years ago. The LORD saw it that she ended up on Monday with one of the best surgeons in St. Louis. This wonderful doctor and the LORD shared her life. She has been stabilized, but she is not out of the woods yet. She ended up having 2/3rds of her small intestine removed and is in a drug induced coma while her body heals. Save a miracle from the LORD to replace nearly her entire digestive tract, she will have a long road in her recovery. She is a fighter – she fully intends to raise her two small boys.

Please remember to keep Jennifer and her family in your prayers.

2. Sabbath Services Cancelled This Week

Because of this family emergency, we will be cancelled services this week.  Mary and I will be making several trips to St. Louis this week and we are unsure how the rest of this week and weekend will play out.  Not having services this weekend might also give us a chance to rest somewhat. 

I am planning, if the situation allows, to have the final session of the Feasts of the LORD for the men’s group on Wednesday (Dec 23).  We will then have a break on classes until after the first of the year, when we will be starting the new Kingdom Authority & Warfare 3 course.

Services Cancelled this Weekend

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Due to heating problems, services have been cancelled this weekend.  Everything will be back to normal the first of next week.  We will have Wednesday night men’s group as normal.

Audio Problems Solved

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We have solved the problem we have been experiencing this past month with audio recordings.  We have replaced the mic for our wireless system and this past weekend recorded perfectly.

We are in the process of recording again the two services that did not tape.  The Wells of God Part 4: The Family has now been posted to our website.  We encourage everyone to download this powerful and timely message.

Services This Week

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Because most of our congregation will be out of town for Thanksgiving travel, both our Wednesday night Men’s Class and the Sabbath service this weekend have been cancelled.

Take time to enjoy your family events and to especially give thanks to the Almighty for all of His wonderful blessings.

Problems with the Last Two Messages

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The last two messages in the “Wells of God” series were powerful, timely and needed.  I believe this is why the enemy has fought so hard to keep them from getting out.  Our wireless microphone system is barely a year and a half old (The last one worked perfectly for twelve years!)  It appears that we have a short in the microphone and its cabling. 

We have ordered a new “start-of-the-art” microphone headset that will work with this unit.  It has already been shipped by Kingdom Audio, and we will have it before my next session.  (There will be no message this week, since I will be teaching in New York.)

We are making plans to teach these powerful messages again after I get back from this ministry trip.  These messages are too important to allow the enemy to prevent their dissemination throughout the Body of Christ.

Important Updates & Announcements

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Vision Project Progress Report

We continue to make progress in the Vision Project. Last week, I received a special deal from HP for the computer I will be using in my home office (our next step in the project). This includes a 23" flat panel monitor. I saved over $400.00 on the computer with no payments for 90 days. I am confident that the Vision Project fund will be able to pay for this computer before the first payment is even due!

We are also learning new things about DVD production. We mailed out a "Thank You" copy of lesson one from the new Feasts series. One person reported problems, so we did some research to find a cure. The results were that we need to make sure we use DVD-R for production (instead of DVD+R), and that we needed to use a better grade of DVD stock than Memorex. We found Verbatim DVD-Rs for a better price than we were purchasing the Memorex brand. Verbatim are about the best brand on the market. This little problem allowed us to go from an economy brand to a premium brand and save on their cost! God is good.

As I am approaching some of the materials to teach them again for DVD, I will be adding new insights to them. In fact, after looking over "The Life of Faith" series, I feel that I need to completely rewrite the materials before teaching it again. God has been stressing in Mary and my hearts that too many Christians are living in vicarious faith. Someone else cannot walk in faith for you, it is a personal walk that only you can do. This theme and many Hebraic concepts will be worked into the new materials. I hope to start filming the new Life of Faith right after Winter Break.

Holy Fire – Strange Fire Seminar in Bronx, NY

I will be at Love Gospel Assembly on November 13 & 14 to teach a new series entitled "Holy Fire-Strange Fire." These six sessions will be life-changing for those that are hungry for more of God and have ears to hear. If you are in the New York area, I encourage you to come to these meetings.


Love Gospel Assembly

2323 Grand Concourse

Bronx, NY 10468

Contact Information:

Antioch School of Urban Ministry

2435 Grand Concourse

Bronx, NY 10468


Cost: For College Credit – $100.00 | Audit – $50.00


Friday, November 13: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Saturday, November 14: 8:30am – 4:30pm

There will be a continental breakfast on Saturday morning. Lunch will be available at the seminar location for $5.00.

Audio Cassettes Are Being Discontinued

We have already shared with you in the past that audio cassettes are being phased out by most manufacturers. Therefore, we will be discontinuing them effective January 1, 2010.

We are running a sale on audio taped versions of our materials until the supplies we have run out. Any tape orders between now and January 1 will receive a 20% discount and free priority mail shipping! Just write "Discontinue Sale" on your order, take off 20% from the cost of the tape set and do not add shipping.

This will be a "first come, first serve" sale. As soon as our supplies are used are exhausted, the sale will end.

New Prices Set for Lectures

These new prices will not affect the cost current cost of MP3 lectures, but sets prices on CD and DVD media.

Effective January 1, 2010

· MP3 Lectures: $6.00 for each lecture in a series.

· CD Lectures: $7.00 for each lecture in a series.

· DVD Lectures: $8.00 for each lecture in a series.

This is far below the national norm for college/seminar level materials. BLCS remains a leader in Spirit-Filled training that this extremely affordable and transformational!