Wednesday Night Class Cancelled Tonight

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Here we snow again.  Because of the weather, our Wednesday night class will be cancelled this week.

Next week, the weatherman is promising 50 degree weather.  We will be transitioning to a new Yeshiva format for our studies and will begin with the Gospel of John.  If you have bible software on your notebook computer, make sure you bring it with you.


New Dedicated Video Editing & Production Computer Set Up

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videocomputer022011Thanks to the friends of Biblical Life, we were able to purchase a new quad-core computer system that will be dedicated for audio and video editing and DVD production.  Having a dedicated computer will speed up production and allow us to add new enhancements to our videos in the very near future.

We do not take your love gifts lightly.  We have rededicated ourselves to providing true spiritual food for those that are hungry for the Word and more of God!

Blessings and Shalom!

Services Cancelled for the Weekend

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The roads are still very bad in the Marshfield area.  Except for the main road, the only way to travel is by 4×4 vehicles.  Because of the hazardous road conditions, we have cancelled services for tomorrow (February 5). 

Make sure to celebrate the Sabbath at home with your family. 

Eating God’s Way Book and DVD Series

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We have set up the new webpage for “Eating God’s Way.”  You can now purchase the book in paperback and in digital format for the Kindle.

A new DVD series will be available on February 15 that includes four 1 hour sessions on four DVDs.

Go to the New Webpage

Blizzard Preparation

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12-26-STATEN-ISLAND-BLIZZARDAt home preparing for the blizzard. We are rebuking the ice and telling it to stay off our power lines! Got things set up to where we can answer school phones from my office at home. Hopefully I can spend the day beginning to work on my next book. 🙂

All Biblical Life phone lines and emails will still be answered, unless we lose power.

Yeshiva Completed in VA

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The past few days, I have enjoyed fellowship, presentations, and in depth discussions that took all of us deep into the Word of God and in better understanding the Kingdom.

As we all began researching scripture, digging into the Greek and Hebrew, I thought of all my congregants at Biblical Life that would have loved to have had participated in the studies.  Yeshivas take on a life of their own that is led by the Holy Spirit.  Everyone, to include those of us that facilitated the teachings, walked away enriched, challenged and encouraged.

One of these days, we will have the technologies to conduct Yeshivas without the need to travel.  As I start my long journey home, I am wishing I was already there!

Some of the gems from the discussions will be developed into articles and sermons within the weeks and months to come.  My cup is full, my heart is overflowing, and I am ready to move forward in God’s Kingdom and the work He has given me!

“What Witches Don’t Want Christian to Know” Book Now Available for the Kindle

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Mary’s book entitled “What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know” is now available for the Kindle.  Everyone that has read this book says that they cannot put it down until they have finished.  It answers many questions on how the enemy gets in to attack us and how to close the doors.

Purchase Digital Book on Kindle

Purchase Paperback Book through Create Space

Eating God’s Way Now Available in Paperback

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EGW-CoverWe finally received the proof from the printers and have approved it.  You can now purchase the paperback version of Dr. Lake’s new book “Eating God’s Way” online.

Purchase Book Now

Biblical Life Update–January 17, 2011

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1. New Book – “Eating God’s Way: God’s Instruction for Spiritual and Physical Health” by Dr. Michael K. Lake

EGW-KindleDid you know that God is concerned about what you eat? Have you examined what the Word of God says about the existence of clean and unclean animals before Moses? Did you know that what you eat can affect your soul? Did you know that Gentile believers ate according to Leviticus 11 in New Testament times?  
Over the years, our traditions and carnal appetites have skewed our interpretation of what the Old and New Testaments teach about food. We have also taken many Scriptures out of context as prooftexts to justify our eating habits. Isn’t it time to return to a lifestyle that is completely biblical? 
Eating God’s Way provides an honest and balanced hermeneutical examination of every major Scripture that deals with what God wants us to eat, what He wants us to avoid, and why. Let Eating God’s Way become your handbook for learning (and explaining) God’s instruction for spiritual and physical health!

The ebook version is currently available in the Kindle format and may be purchased through Amazon. Purchase Kindle Edition through Amazon

The paperback version should be ready for purchase online through CreateSpace by the end of the week.

We will also have a four-part DVD series based on the book completed by the end of the month.

We will be posting links to purchase the paperback and DVD versions on our College & Seminary BLOG:

2. RFI Yeshiva in Roanoke, VA – January 24-25

Restoration Fellowship International is hosting a two-day Yeshiva (Bible conference with open discussion) at the Holiday Inn in Roanoke, VA. (3315 Ordway Dr, Roanoke, VA) The theme this year is “Experiencing the Invisible Kingdom.” Speakers will include Dr. Karl Coke, Dr. Michael Lake, and Dr. John Looper. We encourage everyone in the area to come to these meeting for a time of deep study in the Word, group discussion, and prayer.

Because of the travel involved, the administrative office of Biblical Life College & Seminary will be closed January 24-26 (Monday – Wednesday) and will reopen on Thursday morning.

3. Biblical Life Victory Briefing for February 2011

We have filmed the Biblical Life Victory Briefing for February. The teaching is entitled: The Power of Walking with God – Part 1. This teaching presents the concept of how walking with God has become a lost art in the Church today, how our call from God is to walk with Him, and how the lame man at the Gate called Beautiful in Acts 3 is a prophetic picture of the Church today.

The video will be posted to YouTube by the end of the week. You can also watch it on our Biblical Life Victory Briefing site. (

Biblical Life Update–January 2011

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logo_writerRE: Biblical Life January 2011 Update

(Please forgive this long update, but God is doing so much!)

We are back from vacation with a notebook full of plans to expand Biblical Life in 2011 and beyond. I cannot tell you the excitement we all feel about what God has dropped into our spirits for the next several years. I would like to take a few moments to share some of them with you.

Biblical Life College & Seminary

1. Accrediting Commission International Onsite Inspection

aci_logoI would like to first of all thank everyone that assisted us with the onsite inspection in December with ACI. All schools must complete a self-study and have an onsite inspection from officials from ACI once every seven years. BLCS again passed with flying colors!

We received word yesterday that BLCS has been awarded the status of “Accredited Comprehensive Member,” which is the highest level of membership available. We are all excited about this achievement!

Dr. Scheel, President of ACI, has also contacted Dr. Lake about providing a workshop at their annual convention in March on “Technology and Publishing.” Work has already begun on developing the materials.

2. Kingdom Authority & Warfare 3

KAW3 is now complete. This new course is the first to offer DVD sessions. We should have the new stock of study guides in from the publisher by the end of the month. The new study guides have been printed in the new 8” x 10” perfect-bound format.

3. New Format for Study Guides on Dr. Lake’s Modules

Over the next year, we will be combining the study guides and workbooks for all of Dr. Lake’s courses. The new combined study guides will be professionally printed in the new 8” x 10” perfect-bound format. We currently have the following courses reformatted:

· Kingdom Authority & Warfare 3

· Biblical Life Prayer Dynamics

The other modules will be reformatted as our current stock is depleted.

We have already received the proofs on both KAW3 and BLPD. The quality and usability literally blew everyone away. After viewing the proofs, local students and staff overwhelming approved the new format.

4. New Catalog Being Prepared

We have also begun the work for the 28th edition of our external degree catalog. We will be updating the catalog with new modules that many of our professors have written, adding new photos, etc. It will also be printed in the new 8” x 10” format (instead of the 6” x 9” size). Program changes will be minor in this edition. Our programs are well balanced and students are not only being trained, but transformed by the modules!

We are planning for a release date of either the 2nd and 3rd Quarter this year. We want to ensure accuracy and a fresh new look, so we will be taking our time in its production.

television5. Biblical Life Victory Briefing Monthly Videos

The concept of the BLVB Monthly Videos being uploaded to YouTube has worked out quite well. We have also set up a video BLOG at WordPress so we can better organize them for viewing. (Currently YouTube requires us to break them down into 15 minute segments.)

We are currently preparing January’s edition for uploading to YouTube today. The video this month is session one of Dr. Lake’s new series on “Eating God’s Way.” Everything should be ready for viewing online by Wednesday evening. Here is the link for our video BLOG:

Biblical Life Publishing

We were able to get Biblical Life Publishing off the ground in 2010. The first stage of BLP was to make the modules developed by Dr. Lake available to the general public for both individual and group study. This has been very well received. We has seen many across the U.S. and in at least six countries begin to use the materials in small home fellowship and in their families.

1. Other Accomplishments of BLP

a. Miniseries on DVD with Study Guides Created.

We released the following miniseries:

· The Feasts of the LORD and Their Spiritual Significance in the Life of the Believer

· Growing in Grace: Understanding the Four Types of Covenants

· Holy Fire – Strange Fire

· The Prophetic, the New Heart, & Fulfilling Your Destiny (DVDs without study guide)

b. Books Published

We published the following books in 2010:

· Point Man for God: The Spirit-Filled Pastor/Volunteer Chaplain by Richard M. Cary, D.Min. This book is used in the National Chaplains Association Certification Program.whatwitches

· What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know: A True Story of the Occult and Mind Control by Mary Lou Lake. Everyone that has read this book has told us that could not put it down until they finished! One of the reasons the courses developed by Dr. Lake are so transformation is that their concepts were born in the heat of true spiritual warfare!

Both of these books are available at both Biblical Life Publishing and at

2. Plans for 2011

In October of 2010, the Holy Spirit spoke to Dr. Lake that he should dedicate 2011 for writing new books (rather than new courses for BLCS). He just finished “Eating God’s Way,” which is an honest and hermeneutically balanced examination of every verse in the Word of God dealing with food and what God says about it. He has separated the emotion and man-made traditions from what God actually said. Most believers will be shocked at how many ministers misinterpret what God has said by taking verses out of context and not looking at the whole picture.

The book is in the final editing stages and will go to the printing plant this week. Dr. Lake is also teaching through the book on DVD. This new DVD series should also be ready for distribution by the end of the month.

We are hoping that Dr. Lake will be able to complete at least four more books and possibility several short DVD series in 2011. Please keep him and these projects in your prayers.

Biblical Life Assembly

There continues to be hunger for the Word of God. Although local growth has been limited (note: the hunger and desire for the truth of God is has risen dynamically, as has God’s blessings!), we are seeing remarkable growth through the Internet.

Several years ago, the Holy Spirit prompted us to upload our weekly messages for free download in MP3. The first week, there were just a few downloads. Today, new messages are downloaded about 10,000 times within the first month! Thousands of individuals and families are downloading the messages as their major source of spiritual food. Home fellowships are springing up that gather together to listen to the messages each week. The reports of spiritual growth and deliverance have come in from all over the world!

We encourage everyone to take advantage of the weekly messages and the series archives that are posted in the BLA Virtual Library. God is speaking, transforming, delivering, and blessing. We hope that you will be a part of it as well!

Other Plans for 2011

With all of the avenues of ministry opening up to Biblical Life, additional equipment will eventually need to be added. Here are some of our goals for 2011:

video-cameraNew Professional Grade Video Camera: The camera we have is a good start, but we are finding its limitations. We need a professional grade video camera with high impedance ports so that it can be directly tied into the PA system. This will permanently solve our audio problems. We will also not have to worry about the plug wearing out for the wireless microphone system as the currently model is not meant for constant use. We have found a solid camera from Sony. The entire package will run about $5,000.00, but will serve us for years to come.

New Computer for Video Editing: We are also looking to take our videos to the next level with “green screen” technology and virtual studios. God has been so gracious to add a young man to our local congregation that has a B.A. in Graphics Animation. (In other words, he has professional training in exactly what we need!). We will need a solid computer that can be dedicated for video and audio production. These state-of-the-art programs are pretty demanding and will require their own separate system. The computer and software updates will run about $2,500.00.

We are believing for the additional finances in 2011 to pay for these two projects. As the funds come in, we will move forward. If you would like to contribute to them, we have set up a donation section in our online shopping cart. All donations are tax-deductible.

This is Just the Beginning!

All of this is planned and it is only January 4. There is no telling where 2011 will take us. Our number one goal is to provide you with cutting edge materials that produce transformation and spiritual blessing! We want to see you and your family fully equipped to fulfill God’s purposes in the earth!


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