Go Therefor June 2018 Conference – Lima, OH

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Go Therefore June 2018 Conference

Calvary Chapel – Lima, OH

For more information, call Calvary Chapel at 419-222-6100


Go Therefore 2018 Conference Schedule June 8-10


7pm Opening remarks and logistics for the weekend

7:15pm Worship

7:30pm Russ Dizdar

8:15pm Break – book tables

8:30pm Mike Lake

9:15pm Break – book tables. End of conference for Friday.


9:15am Worship

9:30am Preston Condra

10:15am Break – book tables

10:30am Kelly Condra

11:15am Break

11:30am Russ Dizdar

12:15pm Lunch on your own

2:00pm Q & A with speakers

2:45pm Break

3:30pm Mike Lake

4:15pm Break

4:30pm Mike Spaulding

5:15pm Dinner on your own

6:45pm Preston Condra

7:30pm Break

7:45pm Kelly Condra

8:30pm Book table – end of conference for Saturday.

SUNDAY June 10

10:30am Worship and teaching – Mike Lake



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