Interview with Rob Skiba: Conspiracy, Nephilim, and the Last Days

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Podcast Episode 23 – Interview with Rob Skiba: Conspiracy, Nephilim, and the Last Days

Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

In this episode, Dr. Lake interviews researcher, author, and filmmaker, Rob Skiba.  Both of Rob’s books are discussed:  (1) Babylon Rising and (2) Archon Invasion.   The significance of our Hebraic Heritage with our understanding of the Last Days is also covered.  A very fast pace, powerful, and informative podcast.

Rob Skiba Bio

Rob Skiba is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and the best-selling author of several non-fiction books including: “Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be Last” and “Archon Invasion: The Rise, Fall and Return of the Nephilim.” As an "ancient Nephilim theorist," Rob brings a unique and often unheard Biblical perspective to the UFO/alien discussion. He is now an internationally recognized public speaker on these subjects, often appearing on paranormal and prophecy talk shows and as a featured, keynote speaker at conferences all around the world.

As a graduate of the Hollywood Film Institute, his life-long dream has been to produce powerful television and motion picture productions. He is currently working full-time on the development and production of SEED the series.

Rob has recently become an Adjunct Faculty member of Biblical Life College and Seminary and is working with BLCS to develop curriculum around his research into the Nephilim and End-Time prophecy.

Rob’s Websites:

Interview Outline

I. Discussion of work with Biblical Life College and Seminary

II. Discussion of his books, both those in print and those planned.

Book 1: “Babylon Rising: And The First Shall Be Last,”
and the need to understand the conspiratorial view of history.

 Book 2: “Archon Invasion: The Rise, Fall, and Return of the Nephilim”

· Book 3: Mythology and the Coming Great Deception. (Still being written)

· Book 4: The Last Days. (Still being written)

Other books on the horizon?

III. Discussion of research methodologies and the use of extra-biblical texts.

IV. Discussion of the response of his research with traditional eschatological groups.

V. Discussion of his interest in the Hebraic heritage of the Church and new insights gained through his research.

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