New Release: What Witches Don’t Want Christians to Know–Expanded Edition

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Important expanded update.  God has confirmed that it is time for more detailed information to be released.  The Body of Christ must be warned.  Let this testimony of the power of God set you free!

Were covert experiments, involving mind control and the occult, conducted in the areas surrounding military bases throughout the United States?

The pages of this book recount some shocking events in a small town in Missouri. Mary Lake had struggled with depression for years and couldn’t find the joy that the Scriptures indicate is available to all Christians. In her quest to find answers, she was not only healed and delivered, but this process uncovered a startling revelation of dark practices in the small town where she was raised. God shined the light on some of Satan’s greatest secrets. In this book, she shares how God protected her family from assassination attempts and face-to-face encounters with Satan’s followers, who were desperately trying to keep their secrets hidden. She also shares the truths that her family learned during this process that were essential for their safety, as she endeavored to break down the prison doors for the people that she loved. These biblical truths will help any Christian family stay under the protective cover of Almighty God.

Publication Date:Jul 21 2014

ISBN/EAN13:1500602442 / 9781500602444

Page Count: 194

Binding Type: US Trade

PaperTrim Size:6" x 9"

Language: English

Color: Black and White

Related Categories :Religion / Christianity / General

Price $14.95

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