Twas the night before the "C" word

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We had one of our members send me this poem.  Thought everyone might enjoy it.


Twas the night before the "C" word….

by Dana Zulauf on Friday, November 26, 2010 at 5:19am

I wrote this poem almost three years ago…for those of you who have been curious as to how I started walking this way, here it is. 🙂 Enjoy!
Twas the night before the "c" word and all through our home,
Not a decoration to be found as I lay awake all alone.
Within my heart there arose questions that were in need of explanation,
I reached for my journal to dictate the revelation.
This would be the first year out of all twenty-two of which I’ve been alive,
That we would not be celebrating the holiday….At first I wondered how we’d survive!
In the still of the night I started to pray,
"Lord how can we change if it’s always been this way?"
"Lord we have celebrated this holiday for years!"
And he turned his face to me with his eyes full of tears.
"They worship me the way they want and not the ways I have said,
Like keeping the feasts of tabernacles or unleavened bread!
What happened to the Israelites when they worshiped me with their graven calf?
Was I not angered and did I not pour out my wrath?"
"The church worships their own way, which is pagan and sin.
They choose for themselves their own days all of which I was never in."
The meaning of the word "mass" is actually "a service for the dead",
The fact that we put "Merry" and "Christ" before it filled me with dread!
I opened the word and studied his ways,
I looked at his law and learned of God’s appointed days.
I fell on my knees repenting for the laws I had broken
Keeping the traditions of man and the lies I had once lived and spoken.
A time of year I once found joy in, I cannot take anymore,
I see satan’s lies stock piled on every shelf of every store.
This year the "c" word was just like every other day, the same,
To be totally honest, I found it quite lame.
I saw people stressed, weighed down with heavy burden and care,
Believing they’re free from the law but actually caught in satan’s snare.
I have seen disappointment, selfishness and greed,
But in all the bondage they still give to those in need.
So how can something that seems right be so wrong?
I looked to the Lord for the answer and it didn’t take long.
"The ways of the world that seem right, bid them a due,
For I hold my children to a higher standard and have great plans for you!"
"It won’t be easy, persecution will come and your pain will be great,
But it’s not you they are denying, for it’s me who they hate."
"My yoke may be light but to fallow me you must pay the cost,
Your life will be an example and bring truth to the lost.
"Lord please bless those who are believing these lies,
That were past from our forefathers, please open their eyes!
And if it is me who is wrong please show me the truth,
So my life is not wasted in the flower of my youth.
Lord, give me strength in these days, for the world my heart is breaking,
Standing up for the truth sure is a big undertaking!
He filled me with joy and said, "Stick with me my daughter,
And I promise we’ll get though this pagan holiday! I won’t send you to slaughter!"
Now bowing my head and wiping the tears from my eyes,
I praised the Lord for revealing to me and my family these lies.
I pray now Lord; fill the world with the light,
The truth of Yeshua, the one true Messiah and to all a good night!
I woke on the "c" word with this poem in my head,
The Lord spoke to me, "put it on paper instead!"
I am sorry if this poem has left a sour taste in your mouth or made your jaw drop to the floor,
I’ll take off my mask because I am not hiding anymore!
So take from this poem whatever you will know it can be hard to swallow this pill,
I’ve done it many times before; it took a few tries,
But with each time, it diminished in size!
For the time that it stuck, it was easy to take,
All because my heart was softened for truth’s sake!
Grr, now I can’t stop speaking in rhyme!
If you have questions and would like to discuss this further over coffee,
Feel free to give me a call anytime!
Sincerely; Miss Dana .M. Zulauf

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