Vision Project Update

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The last few weeks have been quite busy for us at Biblical Life.  Between processing enrollments and working on the Vision Project, we have had to burn the midnight oil a few times.  Because we have been so busy, we have not been able to develop new Mentor’s Tips this past month.  We hope to start them again in October.  Here is where we are on the Vision Project:

1.            Purchased first 64-bit desktop computer (3 more to go).  It has been programmed and is working perfectly.

2.            Updated the following programs used for the ministry:
               ACT! for 2010 (to operate the school database)
               Adobe Acrobat Pro V 9 (to create professional PDF files)
               Expression Web V 3.0 (to maintain our websites)
               Audition CS 3 (to create MP3 files and other audio recordings)

Our next step is to purchase the video camera we will use for videotaping our new classes.  We have settled in on the Sony HDR-WR500V.   We have found a site that sell the camera for $1,099.00.  We currently have $955.00 in the vision account.  We are believing God that we will be able to purchase the camera this week.

After the camera is purchased, our next goals will be editing software (Sony Vegas Pro 9 – $400.00 and a duplication tower to produce the DVDs – $1,100.00).

We plan on starting the new class on September 30 for taping.  The new series will be: The Feasts of the LORD and their spiritual significance in the life of the believer.  Preparing new course materials for DVD requires much more work than for audio recordings.  We are preparing both lecture notes and PowerPoint.  We know these new materials will be a blessing and all associated with Biblical Life will be proud of them!  Please keep these in video classes in your prayers!


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